28 September 2015

September Self Love

Beautiful Fashion



Beautiful Music

How delicious of a slow dance this song makes! 
Vulnerable & sexy! 

Beautiful Living

24 September 2015

Bambi news

Good morning Busy B′s!

So I′m ready to share what′s buzzing over here & if you know me...when I’m talking about it, it’s happening! lol  After closing Honey Child (can you believe it’s been almost 6 years?) It’s been a wonderful (even when not easy) transition from running a super successful business for 10ish years in Chicago and boldly opening a 2nd location in Los Cabos Mexico to stillness! I was unbelievably busy to say the least! lol Having a bit a down time was foreign to me but as stillness began to settle, I grew! I had to time to reflect over the wonderful years I’ve spent in business...all the successes, all the lessons (and I’ve had some really hard ones!), all the lives I was fortunate to enhance and in return enhanced mine. I had the time to rediscover old & explore new passions. I did a lot of self work! Started with my health....I know you see me! I’ve shed a whole grown person! lol (125lbs) But that outward change was just a reflection of what was taking place on the inside of me! I refocused spiritually, became centered...I regained a peace that somehow got loss along the way. So in that is a book that more than a few of you have requested...lol...but first, the birth of a new venture, HIVE! A luxury product line including hair, skin, body and home! I’m inviting you to join me on this journey as I share the process. My mission is to thrive (continue building a legacy for my family & community) and to inspire (if I can live my dreams, so can you!). 

So it begins.... yesterday I met with my chemist! We talked about the process of developing from start to finish. I was a bit familiar since I developed a few products for skin and hair when I owned Honey Child. (that Brown Sugah Body Scrub was EVERYTHING remember?) We also discussed the possibility of filming this project (huh?), packaging, PR Marketing...it was exciting! I’ve met with other chemists but this chemist, her firm see’s me and my vision. I believe with their expertise, I’ll exceed my expectations! And they like to pray! lol Here’s to my new journey....pray for me! lbvs